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Hi, I’m Amanda! ?I’m a photographer (of course).  << That’s a picture of me with my hubby/high school sweetheart ?I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and loved it so much I (we) decided to stay forever.

I’m a little bit awkward, but every bit loving, creative, and willing to try almost anything.  I love to smile and love seeing you smile from behind my camera.  It sparks my fire to see joy in others!

Here’s a quick summary of my favorite things so we can swap recipes/compare notes:

  • Ice cream Penny and Emma
  • Vinegar-based pulled pork barbecue (Eastern NC BBQ!)
  • The Office
  • Crafting (We’ll chat about that later)
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Cold beer and sweet wine
  • Mexican food
  • Bargain hunting/Shopping at thrift stores
  • My dog and my crazy kiddo

“Idle hands make fretful minds” – I don’t care much for being bored, so I’ve always kept as busy as possible.  In addition to working and being a mama, photography and crafting are my side-hustles.  When I’m not doing one of the million things on my to-do lists, I’m making can huggers (among other things) in my Etsy shop or working a local craft show with my mom.

My interest in photography began at an early age, and I kept upgrading my camera until I got serious while in college and got my first SLR (a.k.a. big bad camera) ?.  I’ve been a professional photographer since 2009, and my favorite subjects are couples, seniors, families/kids, and product photography.  While I did the wedding circuit for a while (and LOVED it!!), I’ve stepped back from that and narrowed my focus a bit more on things that won’t take me away from home for quite so long.  That daughter of mine keeps me on my toes!

I have been the staff photographer for the East Carolina University Marching Pirates since 2010, and it’s one of my favorite things about fall.  Having been a Marching Pirate while I attended ECU, I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for the hard work these students put in while working to achieve their higher education degrees.  That, and they are the best student group you’ll find on campus… they know how to work hard and have fun!  Oh, and I really like football too, so that’s kind of an added bonus. ?

Let’s Chat!

Drop me a line to chat about how I can help you with your next set of family photos. I’d love the opportunity to meet and work with you!


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