Hello there!  Welcome to the exciting start of the shiny new Amanda Brendle Photography blog!

A little bit about me:

I am a recent college grad from East Carolina University, and aside from picking up photography sessions on my own, I most recently worked as the staff photographer of the ECU Marching Pirates.  What a fun group of college students.. they have the BEST attitudes and work ethic of any student organization.. hands down!  I had such a wonderful time, and got a ton of face-time with many, many faces (a band of over 250, performing for more than 300,000 people throughout the football season!

I have an upbeat personality and a positive outlook on life.  I love the art of photography, and seeing people smile at the photographs I capture of them is incredibly rewarding.  When I started getting serious into portrait photography, I quickly decided I “needed” a brand name for myself, and started filing everything away as “ACG Photography” (my initials, at the time!)  I soon found out this probably wasn’t a great idea.. I was going to get married at some point!  Now that day has come..

I’m getting married in just a few days!

So the photography name change seemed appropriate (and inevitable!)

I have worked very hard to get ready for this challenge of “re-branding” myself and my future business image, and I would love to hear your feedback on the new look!  Also, I worked with a very talented designer, who created my new logo and blog design.. shout-out to Corina Nielsen for a FANTASTIC job on capturing what I could only dream up!  She got me spot on!


So join me as I post about client sessions, photography tips, and a touch about my personal life.  While the site is still a work in progress, it should be completely functional in a short time, and I hope you enjoy reading along!  Feel free to browse around the links, and hop on over to “like” my new Facebook page!


Image by Heather @ Meet The Burks



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